Smash Bros Ultimate – can Giant Min Min stretch across every stage?

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Smash Bros Ultimate: Super Smash Bros is one of the most famous Nintendo titles of all time. The combat and style of gameplay are unparalleled when compared to other games in the genre. But, one of the distinctive features of the game is the cast of characters.

It has one of the most diverse forms of characters. All of these characters become available after every interval. They keep the game afresh and are also responsible for a large number of players.

Who is Min Min?

Min Min was introduced as the 7th playable character in Super Smash Bros. She was introduced in the first part of Fighters Pass vol. 1. She is not from the universe of the Super Smash Bros. But, she forms part of the ARMS universe. This is another famous franchise of the Nintendo exclusives.

The introduction of Min Min has players asking whether the Arms character can swing across every stage that she is set on. In this article, let us look at her character and try to find an answer to this question.

Smash Bros Ultimate: Representation of Arms

As said above, the introduction of Min Min has finally given some representation to the Arms universe. We have found that she not that versatile and definitely does not possess the raw power exhibited by some of the other characters.

Let us talk about some of her other characteristics. We have seen that her movement speed is not all that great. She is able to give some attacks with impressive range. But it does not mean all of her attacks are ranged.

We’ve found that she can hold her own up close or at a medium distance, thanks to her spring-loaded arms. Side specials and smashes perform relatively well, if not a little bit underpowered for how slow they come out. Hence, if one wants to use her wisely, they can certainly inflict some damage.

There are some things which come in useful. She takes really less time to heal. Hence, it allows the players to take a step back if they have suffered some damage. So, answering the question, she is quite an impressive addition to the cast of characters.

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