Minecraft: College Graduation Ceremony happening in the game

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This year hasn’t been much happening for most of the people around the globe , The covid-19 has literally ran havoc in the world (and one guy builds the whole world in Minecraft !).

However, where most of us are busy criticising this situation there’s is a university that has shown the world one of the pioneers of creativity amid Lockdown. Yes, Rochester Institute of Technology’s class of 2020 has planned a quite unique way of organizing the graduation ceremony. Th too in Minecraft!

Amid lockdown due to global pandemic Covid-19. Rochester Institute of Technology’s Electronic Gaming Society has decided to revamp the graduation ceremony keeping in mind the virtues of social distancing as well as avoiding public gatherings the society has decided to arrange it over Minecraft.

This in game graduation ceremony and celebration will be full fledged with necessary resources which include a stage, podium, chairs, and a custom graduation gown skin.

The students graduating will be role called one by one with thier Minecraft usernames and will be made to walk accross the stage. following this will be graduating speeches by the graduating stuedents of Rochester Institute of Technology’s class of 2020.

The ceremony apart from the costom graduating skin is all arranged through Minecraft usual offerings and no mods or any other plugin was used. However in order add a feel of a bit realism in the graduating ceremony, The E gaming society made a Minecraft version version of Rochester Institute of Technology’s President to greet them as they walk over the stage to collect the credentials. The president however wont be present at the backend as well and will be roleplayed by a student with a photo of the President on it’s face. This very suit wearing golem will further throw the diplomas at the students congratulatijjng them.

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