Call Of Duty: Warzone – DrDisrespect comments how it can become a ‘More Skillful’ Game

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Call of duty in the present scenarios is enjoying all the possible stardom for any video game, This latest addition to the battle scene has no less fans than the likes of Fortnite or Pubg for that matter.

But with Fans come following haters as well. one of the major reason for this hatred the imbalance caused due to advantaged vehicles and increasing no. of hackers in then game.

Additionally since the game’s launch it was highly criticized for its endless no. of bugs, which still can be spotted in some instances.

Never the less this articles wont stick to the above lines. Those statements are highly subjective as a good player might not find hackers or bugs a major issue as he would’ve find ways to overcome them.

Many popular streamers like Shroud and Ninja have also commented on the aspects requiring some improvement of the Call of Duty game. But there wasn’t much criticism recorded by these streaming giants.

Except one

As the name suggests Dr. Disrespect also couldn’t restrict himself from commenting on the game. He claimed that the Call of Duty game’s audio design was flat out terrible.

Speaking to his stream and listing a number of changes he believes Warzone should make, Dr DisRespect said the following in one of his streams

“Get rid of claymores, RPGs, C4s, and trucks and guess what? “

“The game would be so much more skillful, don’t you think?”

Those words clearly indicate that Doc wants the game to undergo some serious changes to provide a balanced playing experience. This was clearly explained by him that claymores Rpgs and trucks Really hinders the power balance of the game giving most of the power to the players getting hand on the trucks first .

However comparing with other games its can still be said that Call of duty: Warzone is doing Great in the market but its survival is highly questionable if these problems continue to exist in future.

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