‘Saber Marionette’ 90’s Classic Anime Series Will Be Returning in Complete Blu-ray Box in March 2021

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Saber Marionette: Have you heard of the 90’s classic tv anime series Saber Marionette? You must have heard of it if you are an enthusiast of the anime world and keep all the updates of the same. This old series Saber Maritodaye is famous today also. The reason for the same is that it is one among those series which are made once for a while and hardly have any like series of itself. This old school masterpiece was very well appreciated at that time and had a great fan following for itself. The buffs we’re even organic and loyal one and kept on following and watching this series for a long time. It was a masterpiece then and is a masterpiece even now. Today also the enthusiasts take out their time to watch such series. Well, this particular series Saber Marionette has been again in the news for the past few days. Well, the reason for the same is that there is a news that says ‘Saber Marionette’ 90’s Classic Anime Series Will Be Returning in Complete Blu-ray Box in March 2021. Yes, we will be watching this series again and that too in a complete Blue-ray box. Getting excited? Well, let’s see what all information could we gather about the same. Here we go!

Saber Marionette: Frontier Works (Animate group) has declared openly that a two-disc complete Blu-ray box set encompassing all of the Saber Marionette anime series is slated to be broadcasted in Japan from March 24, 2021. Yes, in the forthcoming year we would be seeing this again in a complete blue-ray box. Its whole running time is 1,380 minutes and the cost is 29,700 yen (including tax/about 281 US dollars).

Saber Marionette: It was among one of the most prosperous mixed media undertakings in the mid-1990s, made by none other tthanSatoru Akahori (NG Knight Ramune & 40, Sakura Wars) and Hiroshi Negi (Tenchi Muyo!). In addition to this anime series, the project also encompassed light novels, CD/radio drama, a table talk RPG, manga, and a Play Station game.

The two-disc set will comprise the four anime series broadcasted from 1995 to 1998 listed below, and they will be digitally remastering from the original master in “High Rate SD (480i)” quality. The “J” series’ anime character designer Tsukasa Kotobuki draws the jacket diagram for the box set.

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