Path of Exile – How to Trade and Sell

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Path of Exile has a trading system that is fitting for the sheer number of PoE items that can be found within the game. Some of these items can have a very positive effect on your PoE currency. The key is knowing what should be traded, and how exactly it is done. If trading in Path of Exile is something new to you, then fear not, as this following article will tell you what you need to know about trading and more in the ARPG from Grinding Gear Games.

PoE Trading

The practice of PoE Trading is rather simplistic. In order to trade you need to find another person to trade with and start the action manually. You then take your items from your inventory to the trade window, where both players will need to agree for the PoE trade to take place.

The art of PoE trading doesn’t just surround PoE Orbs, Poe Uniques and so on found in the game either. There are PoE trading websites that you can use (such as PoE Trade) that can help you trade online. This involves logging onto the website and hitting the Whisper button next to the name of the seller. Once you have done that, the text is copied into an in-game chat window to the desired player. You can then be invited to their location to PoE trade.

PoE Selling

As for selling, this is a bit more complicated. The reason being is that the price of PoE items tends to fluctuate, so it’s hard to keep track of how much things are worth. But what you can do is do your research into how much the PoE items are that you want to sell. Doing so with PoE Uniques can be useful, though you need to make sure that you have checked their value, as these amounts can differ greatly.

There are so many different items in Path of Exile. It can even be overwhelming at the early stages of the game when your inventory soon fills up with a lot of jargon you aren’t ever going to need or use. That being said, it can be difficult knowing what PoE items you need to sell and which you need to keep hold of. Ultimately, this is why research is so important. Knowing what items are worth and whether or not they are relevant to your build is going to be the difference in whether or not they are worth selling. Again, sites such as PoE Trade are great for finding out the value of PoE items.

PoE Currency

The PoE currency system in Path of Exile switches out the typical use of gold for PoE orbs. These come in a variety of different forms with different values. For example, there are orbs known as Chaos Orbs which you will find are quite difficult to find. They do come in handy however towards the end of the game so you don’t have to succumb to microtransactions. This is something that you should definitely keep in mind when you are selling, as this is a great way for you to get your hands on the much desired Chaos Orbs.

You should now be ready to start trading in Path of Exile, now that you have a better idea of how PoE currency and the method of selling works. It can take some getting used to, but with some time and research, you will be a trading pro in no time at all.

Do you partake in trading in Path of Exile? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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