OSRS – Everything you Need to Know About Raids

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Raids play a huge role in a wealth of online games. The likes of Destiny, World of Warcraft, and others all feature this feature of gameplay which encourages players to team up to take on a lengthy boss battle and take on other difficult tasks. Old School Runescape also features raids, which we will be discussing today. So, if you are on a quest for OSRS Gold and glory, and want to take on a raid or two, then here is everything you need to know.

What are Raids in OSRS?

When it comes to raids in OSRS, they serve as a high-level group activity for you and your peers. This goal is for players to make their way to the end of a number of encounters. At the end of these encounters will be an extremely difficult boss that will take a lot of cunning for you to take down. By beating this boss, however, you can expect to receive a lot of rewards.

The raids are scaled to the skill level of the team you are playing with, and is also based on the combat levels and required skills. This in turn will alter what the resources are that are found in the raid areas, as well as how difficult the bosses actually are.

What Raids Are in OSRS?

In OSRS, there are two different raids to choose from. There is the Chambers of Xeric raid, in which players explore a large underground cave system, found under Mount Quidamortem. There is also the Theatre of Blood, in which players are tasked with surviving the onslaught of vampyres in Meiyerditch.

In Chamber of Xeric, there are several bosses that you will face off against. There are nine in total, which includes the Great Olm as the final boss. The Great Olm is a large white blind salamander that is classed as Xeric’s prize possession, so needless to say you’re in for a tough fight. Meanwhile, the Theatre of Blood raid has six bosses, with Verzik Vitur as the final boss, who is a vampyre who rules over Ver Sinhaza.

As for the rewards system in Chamber of Xeric, you receive them based on a system called participation points. The ore points that the team gathers, the higher chance they have of receiving more unique OSRS items. This method also determines how many common OSRS items are rewarded. For example, if a player dies during the raid, then they will lose 40% of the points earned prior to dying. If the player continues to die and end the raid with little to 0 points earned, then that will affect the team’s overall points score. The approach from the other raid involved five chests, and players are able to choose one of them.

How do I Find Raids?

If you are looking for raids, then you can locate the activities with a brown star icon on the map. If you are looking for players to join your team, then there are different resources online for you to find players to play with. You can use clan recruitment resources on the game’s official forums, as well as many other outlets online.

That is everything you need to know to get started in raids. Like with other games, raids are a massive task for players to participate in, but also offer a variety of cool rewards that makes it all worthwhile.

Have you attempted any of these OSRS raids? Let us know in the comments section below!

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