Minecraft: Super Mario Mod Invokes Nostalgia

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In Minecraft, creative players and world builders have almost limitless possibilities to put their thoughts and ideas into practice. In addition to replicated worlds such as that of Harry Potter, Middle-earth, a complete MMORPG in the block world or this intense cyberpunk scene, a Minecraft Super Mario mod is in the works. The modder “TheSycorax” has been working on recreating a classic NES game for almost two months and is making progress.

While there have been several Minecraft mods over the years which run emulators, videos, and other exciting experiences within the Minecraft engine, this isn’t anything like that. Instead, it is a remake of the original Super Mario Bros game from scratch. 

His goal is to completely recreate the original “Super Mario Bros.” from 1985 (Japan) in “Minecraft”. 

The close-up view shows you a full 4:3 screen of the original Super Mario Bros. screen. There is no implication that this could be a “Minecraft” mod. TheSycorax then zooms out to reveal that the game takes place on a massive screen in the Minecraft game world. 

More details are in the mod release. As of now, the simplest of features are in the game, but there’s a lot of work to do; example, Super Mario recently got the ability to break bricks. The enemies still need to be added, and there are technical issues, too. The transition isn’t as smooth as the original game, but it’s getting there.

Where Can You Get the Minecraft Super Mario Mod?

If you think this Minecraft mod is rather neat and you’d love to give it a shot, I’ve got bad news; you’re gonna to have to wait for it. It’s gonna take a little more time before the mod is complete. 

As the creator explains, YOU CAN’T DOWNLOAD THE MOD RIGHT NOW:

“I won’t be releasing a download for this at the moment because it is not yet complete,” TheSycorax said on Reddit. “But Hopefully, by May or June of this year, I should have something ready for release, but I don’t think it will be a full game.”

To keep up with the mod’s updates, you can keep an eye on his Reddit user page for now.


Hopefully, there should be a public release by Summer 2020.

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