How to transfer your account into Steam: Destiny 2

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With the release of Destiny 2 on Steam, the version is done and dusted. If you want to continue playing on PC, you’ll need to bring your account to the game’s new home. Players will have a one-time window of opportunity to transfer their Destiny 2 accounts to Steam. It’s is a simple process; setting up your Destiny 2 Steam account is pretty straightforward. 

The team at Bungie have worked hard to ensure that the process of linking and migrating your account is stress-free and easy.

Here are the steps:

First, head to Bungie’s official Destiny 2 Steam page and click “Get Started.” You will have to sign in case you haven’t. Once signed in, confirm your account and your email ID, following which you need to accept the transfer agreement. There are a few critical points to be noted. Remember that this is a one-time transfer and is irreversible considering that now Destiny 2 has left after Bungie’s split with Activision. 

Do remember, the account logged on at the time of the transfer is the one that will be moved, so if you use multiple or Steam accounts, make sure they’re in order. Follow these steps to transfer your account from Destiny 2 to Steam:

  1. To start the account transfer to Steam, go to and click the red bar on the top or navigate directly to the PC Move page.
  2. Click the on-screen button to confirm your email address.
  3. Review the information of your account, including your Guardians and your in-game content.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Transfer Agreement and click “Accept.”
    1. Note: If this step does not work, use a different browser.
  5. Select “Link Steam” to be taken to a Steam sign-in page.
  6. Sign-in to your Steam account.
  7. Once completed, select “I’m Done!” to complete the Destiny 2 account transfer to Steam.

If case you don’t have a Steam account, you will have to download the Steam client by check the green box at the top of the page that says, Install Steam. For the majority of PC players, this is pretty obvious, but if you’re new to PC gaming, you might not have one yet. You should also make sure to set up two-factor authentication.

Once the account is created, and Steam is installed, you can follow the above steps to complete the Destiny 2 account migration.

If everything’s in order, finalize the account transfer. And Ta-da! You’re good to go. Log into Steam, redownload Destiny 2, and you should be able to log into your account like normal.

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