Doom Eternal now has a Secret Weapon.

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In first-person shooters, a pistol is often used as a starter weapon, but Doom Eternal skips players straight to a shotgun instead. It turns out a gun was planned but was ultimately cut out when it didn’t fit the flow of the gameplay. The weapon remains within the game, however, and maybe accessed with console commands via Cheat Engine.

Console commands for Doom Eternal are available because of the work of SunBeam on Fearless Revolution Forums, while the pistol itself was unearthed by user Archangel73337. The full topic is worth a scroll for anyone keen to ascertain what other secrets are left hidden within the game’s code, inaccessible through normal gameplay.


How to access the pistol?

To try the weapon, they need to download and install Cheat Engine and grab the associated file for Doom Eternal. Then, they boot up Doom Eternal, TAB out to the desktop and load up the file. It will automatically load the Cheat Engine. Click on the ‘Select Process to Open’ button under the ‘File’ menu, select Doom Eternal, and accept the next pop-up window.

If you look at the bottom pane of the Cheat Engine, you’ll see a line of text written in purple, ending ‘release-pc-hotfix2’. Click on the box on the left of it to open the sub-menu, then click to cross the boxes next to the console command entries and no clip commands entries. Once done, you can press the TAB key to get back into the game.

When in-game, tap the Tilde(~) button (the one below Esc and above TAB on your keyboard) to open the developer dashboard. Type the command ‘give weapon/player/pistol’ and hit Enter. This will spawn the pistol into the hand of the Doom Slayer.

Even without the pistol included, GameSpot’s reviewer Phil Hornshaw said Doom Eternal’s combat, “is even as quick and chaotic [as Doom 2016], but requires you to analyse everything that’s happening to come out victorious constantly. Once you get the hang of the rhythm of Doom Eternal, it will make you are feeling sort of a demon-slaying savant.”

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