Counter Strike Zombie mod

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Counter Strike : Zoombies mod could be your best entertaining time pass,during your quarantine period. This game could give you goosebumps to your zombies based games experience. Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies (yes, Nexon’s name is actually part of the title),is based on the famous first-person shooter series and is made by Korean company Nexon in collaboration with Valve. It’s free-to-play. This game featured its traditional Counter-Strike models like Hostage Rescue and Bomb Diffusion, as well.The zombies in the game are described as quick, aggressive, and dangerous. The gameplay in Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is fast-paced and frenetic, in simple you can say it’s “easy-to-play” to describe the overall game. and a result, the game “reaches out to all players.

Counter Strike : Zombie Mode is one of the most popular mods for Counter Strike.

Zombie Plague is one of the pioneers of the game Counter Strike Nexon: Zombies. This mod changes the gameplay of Counter Strike , making it a Human vs Zombies experience.
If you are bored facing the same kind of zombie again and again in other zombies like games. Counter Strike : Zombie here in its Zombie Plague includes 94 different types of zombies to date.And moreover, it includes special weapons such as infection grenades, napalms etc too, for defending these horrible zombies.

Counter Strike : Zombie Plague has many customization options. You can change the health, speed and other parameters of both humans and zombies as you wish. You can even activate unlimited ammo.

But there is one thing which could make you feel sad, that is, the big problem of this mod is the graphics. Counter Strike : Zombies mod is not exactly the world’s most beautiful game.Lets don’t talk about the other games, but If you have played other games of this series like Counter Strike : Global Offensive, their graphics you may find better than this, then you may not be so keen on experiencing Zombie Plague.

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