Why Mulan could be one of the most important remakes of Disney?

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2019 saw a lot of success with several of these films, and 2020 will continue this trend with fan-favorite Mulan.

All the information for the benefit of the remake-

Several of the classic Disney animated films that we all grew up with have found new life by being transformed into live-action stories, and many more are to come. Some of them, like Beauty and the Beast or The Lion King, have remained incredibly faithful to the original material, others, like Maleficent or Dumbo, have taken things in new directions.

However, while some audiences are clearly on board for the reinventions, it seems others might be getting exhausted. 2019 saw five such remakes (if we include sequels and Disney+ original films) and by any measure, that’s a lot.

The next movie in this ongoing series is Mulan, and while we’ve only seen early trailers, the new film holds a lot of promise. Whether you’re excited for the upcoming film, or afraid the whole concept may be running out of steam. There’s reason to believe Mulan could end up the best live-action remake so far.

The New Mulan Is Not A Shot For Shot Remake.

While the Disney remakes that have been the most successful at the box office have been the ones that stayed closest to the original animated version. This has also been one of the major criticisms. One thing that’s quite clear from the live-action Mulan. It is that the new movie is not going to give us exactly the same story over again.

It’s been revealed that this version of Mulan is going to have a pair of villains. This including a female “witch” character that never appeared in the animated Mulan. We also know that Mushu the dragon, while a popular sidekick for some. This won’t be appearing in the remake, at least not in any way we know him. These changes are clearly sending Mulan the live-action movie in a unique direction. This means we won’t know what sort of movie we’re getting from the moment we sit down to watch it.

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