Watchmen Season 2: Next Season Arriving Soon?

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Watchmen Season 2, Watchmen is an American Superhero Drama series directed by Zack Synder. Watchmen received several awards and is one of the highest-rated series of HBO.

Release Date of Watchmen Season 2:

The first season consisted of 9 episodes in total which was aired on HBO on October 20, 2019. It concluded its 9th episode on December 15. It is highly rated and has achieved great success. The second season is on very high demand as the first season left everyone with a lot of questions. But the second season will take time because the first season took 2 years for filming. Watchmen takes place after 34years of the comic series.

Plot and Predictions for Season 2:

The show begins with one of the worst racial riots in the black wall street in 1921 called the Tulsa Massacre. In 2019, Police wears different masks after they were targeted by a white supremacist group called Seventh Kavalry.

In 1985, one of the most powerful and rich men, Adrian Veidt commonly known by Ozymandias he decided to save the world from nuclear wars does something. So he transports a giant-squid in the city of New York killing a lot of people. But only heroes know about who is behind this and they kept it a secret to maintain peace and Ozymandias is still alive. But one of the heroes tries to tell everyone about Adrian Veidt but Dr. Manhattan kills him. But they all don’t know that he has already sent a journal which detailed everything. And that’s how Watchmen ends Dr. Manhatton leaves the earth.

So that’s the question, who was right was it Veidt or the hero who sent the journal, Rorschach?

The next season would be probably about whether Regina King receives any power from Dr Manhatton. In season 1 she did not receive any powers. And what problems the world will face due to Dr. Manhattan? or there will be some different story in season 2.

Main Cast Of Watchmen Season 2

We don’t have any information for the cast of season 2 but some of the main characters would still be the same.

  • Regina King as Angela Abar
  • Don Johnson as Judd Crawford
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Wade Tillman
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Calvin
  • Andrew Howard as Red Scare
  • Jacob Ming-Trent as Panda
  • Tom Mison as Mr. Phillips

Is there any trailer available for the second season?

As of now, there is no trailer available.  But stay tuned with us for further details.

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