Over the moon 2: when will it release? what are the updates?

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Over the moon is one of those classics that are the perfect combo of myth and science. The currently streaming show is an animation based on a Chinese myth and a girl’s strong determination to prove her belief on the myth most unexpectedly and beautifully. Penned by Audrey Wells, the musical comedy has gathered decent ratings like 6.8/10 on IMDb, 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and 59% on Metacritic. The story starts with a young girl named Fei-Fei who is very scientific and intelligent develops a rocket to reach to the moon and prove a myth of Moon Goddess. The animation drama describes her journey and keeps on getting interesting as the story unfolds. If you haven’t watched it yet then you must switch to Netflix to watch a beautiful light-hearted animation series. The show has been appraised by the audience as well and thus shortly after the launch of season 1 of over the moon, the buzz for its season 2 has grown louder. Let’s see if season 2 of over the moon is happening or not

What could be the possible release date of over the moon 2?

The show was initially present to the audience at Montclair film festival on 17th October 2020 and soon it makes it to the television and some selected theatres on 23rd October 2020. It was released on Netflix which is known for releasing best shows. There is no official confirmation or commitments regarding season 2 of over the moon but because of its commercial success, its season 2 is highly anticipated. As the first season unveiled in October, next season might also set to release in October 2021 and thus it is very soon to discuss season 2

Over the moon

The possible plotline of season 2 of over the moon

the most talked-about aspect of the over the moon is its storyline, the plotline of next season might some other captivating Chinese myth though we do not have an official synopsis of season 2 yet.

The cast of over the moon 2

Who will be reprising their role in season 2 is yet not out in the media but major voice cast that will probably return in season 2 if it ever happens will be:
• Cathy Ang as Fei Fei,
• Phillipa Soo as the moon goddess
• Sandra Oh as Mrs Zhong
• John Cho as Ba Ba,
• Robert G Chiu as Chin
For further updates
Stay tuned


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