Osmosis Season 2: Release Date, Cast & More!

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Osmosis Season 2, This sci-fi series is one of the best shows which have amazed people with its unique and phenomenal story. It is based on the idea of discovering the perfect suitable partner but with the help of artificial intelligence. Isn’t it so cool?? When the first season was aired, it did not receive much appreciation and had a low viewership. But now as time has passed, the show has regained the interests of the people, and now they are looking forward to a second season. So let’s see if the show is renewed or is it bad news.

Given below are all the details you may be wondering about Osmosis Season 2.

Release Date of Osmosis Season 2:

Unfortunately, the fans of this show will be disheartened as they will not get to see Osmosis Season 2. At the beginning of the year, Netflix announced the fortune of Osmosis after a long pause. So, we are sorry to convey that the second season of Osmosis is not going to happen. Netflix has officially cancelled it on January 17, 2020. Thus, after the debut season, Netflix declared that there wouldn’t be Osmosis Season 2.

After some time, viral news fled on the web which conveyed that the creators of the show have revealed the release date of Season 2. But once the authenticity of the source was determined, it proved to be a rumour far away from the truth which confirmed that Netflix had cancelled the series for a second run. It was assumed that the fans had spread this rumour as an attempt to make the creators rethink about their decision. But only time will tell if the fans succeeded or not.

There are many shows which have still been renewed after its cancellation. So, we hope that this series also gets a second season in future.

Why did Netflix cancel the series?

After the first series concluded, the producer of the show Audrey Fouche left the series for its second instalment. There is no definite reason for her withdrawal. Secondly, the series could not accomplish its goal of fascinating and engaging more audience to watch the show despite having a remarkable plot. Consequently, it leads to a decrease in viewership. Netflix didn’t quite seem to spot a future of this series and could not see another fail. Therefore, keeping all these points in mind, it ultimately cancelled Osmosis Season 2.

The cast of Osmosis Season 2:

Though there will not be a second season, if in future the show ever gets renewed then we might see the following lead cast together on the screen again-

  • Hugo Becker as Paul Vanhove
  • Agathe Bonitzer as Esther Vanhove
  • Stéphane Pitti as Lucas Apert
  • Gaël Kamilindi as Gabriel
  • Suzanne Rault-Balet as Swann
  • Luna Silva as Ana Stern
  • Manoel Dupont as Niels Larsen
  • Yuming Hey as Billie Tual

If there will be Osmosis season 2 in future, then we will update you about the plot.

Is there a trailer of Osmosis Season 2:

Sadly, the show will not undergo a sequel as it was cancelled by Netflix on January 2020 eventually, as the viewers can guess that there will be no Season 2 and thus no trailer. This will be bad news for the fans, but we can at least hope that in future we may get to witness a season 2 of Osmosis. Until then, you can enjoy watching Osmosis Season 1 on Netflix.

These were all the latest updates about Osmosis Season 2 that we wanted to hand out. If in future there is any hope or update about the renewal of Osmosis for a new season, then we will surely post it. Stay tuned.

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