Now You See Me 3 : After four years is finally happening- All we know so far !!

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Is “Now You See Me 3” happening?

Are the Horsemen reuniting again?

Here is all we know about Now You See Me 3

About Now You See Me :

Now You See Me is a 2013 heist thriller, mystery film streamed on Netflix. The thriller and the Amazing Cast benefited a lot for the movie to cross millions and turned into a great success worldwide.The success of the movie and the love from the audience made the studio make a sequel so Now You See Me 2 was bought. The sequel did well but not as good as the 1st part.

Is Now You See Me happening? The release of Now You See Me 3 :

Before the release of the second part in 2015 itself the release of 3rd part was confirmed. But then there was no news about the “Now You See Me 3” until in April 2020 when the news came about hiring the writer to write the script for 3rd part. 

The expected storyline or plot of Now You See Me 3:

The story of a team of street magicians called the four horsemen (Daniel, Merritt, Henley and Jack) who ransack a big amount of money belonging to insurance baron Arthur Tressler and the task to catch them is under agent Dylan and Interpol agent Alma who are FBI agents.  

At the end of the second part Ruffalo’s character was asked to take the leadership of the Eye which is the secret society of magicians. It was also said that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be the villain.  

The expected cast of Now You See Me 3 :

It’s not confirmed about the cast yet. Will the old cast be there or not?  The cast of before season is expected to be back in this season too. The following is some cast expected back in season 3:

  • Michael Caine
  • Isla Fisher
  • Woody Harrelson
  •  Jesse Eisenberg

The casting has not been done yet but surely there will be new characters and the old ones too.

Fans are already excited for the 3rd part and to know what is going to happen further. It is going to be a struggle for the makers to make it up to the mark of people’s expectations.

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