Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Show Cancelled By Netflix ?

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Indian Matchmaking is a 2020 Indian documentary television series which was created by Smriti Mundhra. The show revolves around the lives of single people in South Asian countries. The show was released on 16 July 2020. Let’s check what all we have now for the Indian Matchmaking Season 2.

Is There Any Season 2 Indian Matching? 

After the season 1 success of show Indian Matchmaking, the fans of the series are very much satisfied with the show and have they are demanding for more of it. Of course, they are signing towards the creation of Season 2. Well, the question is that is Season 2 happening?

So as of now, the show Indian Matchmaking has not been renewed for the season 2. There is no official statement of that till now. However, there are significantly fewer chances of it not happening because the series was quite a hit one. And Netflix generally approves for the season 2 of such series. So there are very much chances that we will be watching Indian Matchmaking Season 2 soon.

What Will Be The Release Date Of Indian Matchmaking Season 2? 

After the grand success of the series, Indian Matchmaking the fans and the followers of the show are asking for more of such content and hence are asking continuously that when will start the next season of Indian Matchmaking will be airing.

So as of now the answer to this that there is no official statement regarding the release date of series Indian Matchmaking Season 2. Creators have not revealed anything regarding that. But if there is any season 2, then it will be airing in the year 2021. The reason for this is that all know about the ongoing pandemic which has hit the whole world, including the film industry.

But it will be advice for the lovers that you guys must wait for the official statement and should not believe in the rumours that keep on surfacing on the internet.

What Will Be The Storyline Of Indian Matchmaking Season 2? 

Well, there are also questions surfacing over the internet that what will be the storyline of the next season, and Will it be the same as of Indian Matchmaking Season 1.

For that, the answer is that the creator of the series Indian Matchmaking yells in an interview that she has unique plans for the next season of Indian Matchmaking. So according to her, it will be a different experience for the fans of Indian Maychmaking. However, she also said that their plea for Netflix is for another season. They want season 2 to happen and hence are asking Netflix for the same. She said that they would be lucky enough if they get season 2.

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