Hollywood Season 2: Is The Next Season Cancelled?

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Hollywood Season 2, This Original Drama series has left the people wondering for its yet another season. The Period History included in this show by Ryan Murphy has received immense success and was a big hit. It was made to be like a one-time series, but its first season had such a significant impact on people that now they are demanding for more. Thus, we can expect Netflix to give us some good news soon.

Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2. Keep reading.

Release Date of Hollywood Season 2:

There is no affirmative date for the release of Hollywood Season 2, as Netflix has not ordered its renewal yet. It can also be due to the Ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that Netflix needs time to reschedule the dates. But the fans are eager to see a second season of the show as they highly praised it. Once it is renewed, it will intake many months to finish the writing and shooting part, so after then only we can expect any confirmed date of Hollywood Season 2. A decent time to assume will be by the end of 2021.

The Cast of Hollywood Season 2:

Since the season is yet to be renewed, we can’t be sure of who will be seen in Hollywood Season 2 as there is no confirmation about the cast so far. But, how can Netflix let down its audience and not retrieve their beloved characters back again in season 2 as well? The whole story relies on them, their lives, so it won’t be very pleasant if the fans’ favourite roles won’t return. Thus, we can pretty much expect the last cast for the next segment as well. The lead cast includes-

  • David Corenswet as Jack
  • Jim Parsons as Henry Willson
  • Darren Criss as Raymond
  • Laura Harrier as Camille
  • Joe Mantello as Dick
  • Dylan McDermott as Ernie West
  • Jake Picking as Rock Hudson
  • Jeremy Pope as Archie
  • Coleman Holland Taylor as Ellen Kincaid
  • Patti LuPone as Avis
  • Samara Weaving as Claire Wood

We may also get to see a few new faces in Hollywood Season 2.

The Plot of Hollywood Season 2:

Hollywood Season 1 was based on the happenings after the occurrence of World War 2. Each actor and producer desires to be famous and wishes to carve its name in this Golden Age of Hollywood. As the second season is yet to be renewed, we don’t possess as many details as they are not revealed currently, but the story will indeed unfold many unknown facts.

In the further chapters of Hollywood Season 2, we might witness the constant struggle of discrimination against women, race (colour), and the people of the LGBT+ community as this will take decades to be over. Moreover, the dark side of stardom may also be revealed. Many legends can be explored in this new season. Murphy gave a hint as he said that he “would never follow the characters again but would be open to exploring Hollywood “20 years from” the end of season 1″. This means the new story can begin in the late 1960s.

He also narrated in May 2020 that, “I could see at the end of this creating the idea of, ‘Well, what would the world look like?” So we can expect Season 2 to have a different or even similar story at some points. We’ll have to wait and watch.

The trailer of Hollywood Season 2:

No, as of now, no official trailer has been released by Netflix. The show has not received a green light for its renewal yet, so it may take a while for any camper or preview to hit the screens. We hope the news about Hollywood Season 2 is announced as soon as possible. We will hand out the preview once it’s released.  Until then, you can invest your time in enjoying Hollywood Season 1.

So with this, we have shared all the latest updates about the upcoming season of Hollywood. We will get back to you with more details about Season 2. Stay tuned and do revisit this site.

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