George Clooney and John Cena drop out of Steven Soderbergh’s next movie!

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About the movie No Sudden Move of John Cena, Composed by Bill and Ted’s Face the Music’s Ed Solomon, the movie No Sudden Move, which was earlier known as Kill Switch, is based on a bunch of small-scale criminals in 1955 Detroit who were recruited to rob what they thought was just a basic document. Later at a point when their scheme turns out faulty, they look for the people who appointed them and try to get aware of the reason for this activity.

George Clooney and John Cena drop out of the movie!

The most recent raid of Steven Soderbergh’s in the crime drama show has drawn a couple of exciting bends and loops in the production process. This can be predicted to be due to the most obvious reason that is, COVID-19 crisis. His upcoming movie, named No Sudden Move, witnessed the departure of George Clooney, John Cena and Sebastian Stan.

Moreover, it is undoubtedly clear that these will be no longer seen in the movie as entirely different leads have been projected inspite of them. Reportedly, this shutdown is the core reason that George Clooney, John Cena and Sebastian Stan had to withdraw from the project.

John Cena

Who will be the new members in the cast?

Generally, if the content is written for a specific character with a particular goal in mind, the makers would attempt to cast an actor who fits those attributes. But we never know, maybe Steven Soderbergh had a different perspective in mind. As per a latest official statement, ‘No Sudden Move’ will be creating its upcoming movie by accommodating newcomers such as David Harbor, Brendan Fraser and Noah Jupe. Probably these three will be cast instead of George Clooney, John Cena, and Sebastian Stan. However it is as of now still not revealed what roles they will play.

These three actors have been appointed to join an already confirmed and talent loaded all-star cast. They comprise of-

  • Don Cheadle
  • Benicio Del Toro
  • Amy Seimetz
  • Jon Hamm
  • Ray Liotta
  • Kieran Culkin and many others.

More updates about the movie:

The production and filming of the movie was initially intended to begin by the start of this year itself. But due to the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the shoots were suspended. The movie, ‘No Sudden Move’ will officially begin with its production on Monday. Similarly, many other film creations are also starting with the work from Monday. They’ll be working under the required security conventions because of the prevailing pandemic situation. No Sudden Move will probably be premiered on HBO Max, once the filming will finally wrap up and is ready to smash the screens. But at this point, that is yet to be affirmed.

That’s all what we have gathered so far about the release of No Sudden Move and the amendments in the cast. We will hand out and fill you in with more details as soon as they are revealed. Do remember to revisit this site.
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