Special event “Dai Berserk-ten” to celebrate the 30th anniversary of manga Berserk scheduled to be held in January 2021

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Special event “Dai Berserk-ten” to celebrate the thirtieth day of remembrance of manga Berserk regular to be control in Jan 2021

Japanese publisher Hakusensha declared nowadays that a special event “Dai Berserk-ten” (Big Berserk Exhibition) to celebrate the thirtieth day of remembrance of Kentaro Miura’s internationally common dark fantasy manga Berserk is regular to be control at Ikebukuro Sunshine City’s hall A in Tokio from Jan thirty to February fifteen, 2021.

The memorial expo can include:

“Berserk Chronicles” – The events and also the main characters’ trends within the story square measure introduced with the initial manga drawings and written record panels.

“Cover Art Collection” – All of the quilt arts of the forty volumes square measure displayed.

“Famous dialogues and scenes” & “Character Directory” – the long-lasting dialogues and scenes square measure introduced with their original manga drawings.

Displays of three-dimensional objects and dioramas of the far-famed landmarks, real-size character statues, and lots of additional.

Except for anime and Hakusensha connected events, I’ve come back to the present purpose while not even one amongst the autograph sessions, including the tenth and twentieth day of remembrance. there’s no Twitter or web log, and that i cannot stop being told that i am a contemporary manga creator.

However, this thirtieth day of remembrance could be a bit completely different. additionally to the exhibition of the initial paintings accumulated within the pool, it looks that a fun “eclipse land” are going to be complete by the hands of all the employees WHO have agitated Berserk’s love. Please come back to his land at the time of his own time, to urge obviate the evil of Corona.

Started publication in 1989 in “Monthly Animal House” (Hakusensha). After that, the stage of publication was affected to “Young Animal”, and it’s still serialized.

A profound story, enticing characters, overwhelming and careful drawing, and unmatched creativeness. It offers a powerful impact and excitement to the reader’s heart and life, and attracts not solely Japanese readers however additionally readers round the world.

A dark fantasy comic with a additive circulation of forty million copies worldwide, portrayal the spectacular lifetime of the most character, Guts, set in an exceedingly world wherever swords, magic, and monsters exist.

Made into a TV animation from 1997 to 1998, created into a theater animation in an exceedingly trio from 2012 to 2013, and created into a TV animation once more from 2016 to 2017.


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