New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura Under Tokoshie X Bullet Project and Everything A Fan Should Know

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Kodansha’s weekly young magazine revealed on twitter that on Monday, a new project would be commenced known as Tokoshie X Bullet Shinminato Kobosenhen or Eternity X Bullet: Shinminato Battle Chapter Manga. It is expected to be a part of the creator group and a multimedia project by motion airline. The story was written by Morion Airlines. The official site will post the trailer video. Nine years back, in 2011, the creator Akeji Fujimura released Kami Sama ni Lu Toori manga. In 2013, the sequel was aired, and in 2016, the manga ended.

Release Date Of New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura 

Straight after the tweet, the news has started flooding social media with the new manga posts. The followers who have already seen the 2011, 2013, and 2016 projects of Akeji Fujimaru are all excited, and their charisma is seen in the questions they are asking continuously regarding the manga. So, there’s good news for them.

In the 11th issue of Good Afternoon magazine, it will be published. Tokoshis X Bullet will release on 7 October 2020.

New Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura Under Tokoshie X Bullet Project and Everything A Fan Should Know

Plot Of The Manga 

The science fiction story is set in the year 2040, where it has been shown that the world gets destroyed due to the gigantic weapons. The story revolves around the intellectual minds of the future world. Tokoshie is those intellectual minds of the destructive event. When they come in the streets, they turn themselves into weapons and then disappear. But after doing it for a while, they fail to do so as a tragedy takes place.

However, a girl enters into the scenario; she gets into a mission of demolishing Tokoshie. The greatest enemy of the humans was also on the hit list of the girl’s parents. No weapons, no human, no animal ever had the courage and the power to stand in front of Tokoshie.

This story plot leaves us with various questions in our mind and us seeking its answers. These questions are what will happen next in the story? Who will win the fight of Tokoshie against humanity? Will the girl be able to complete her mission? And much more.

Trailer Of The New Tokoshie X Bullet Manga Launched By Akeji Fujimura

The official trailer has already been out by the creators.
Only this for now, but keep yourself pinned with us for more updates on the same.

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