Masayuki Kusumi’s Kodomo no Gourmet Manga Yoshitoshi Abe Gets Live-Action Special

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Every now and then there are news surfacing of the Live-action special. But, this time it is with Masayuki Kusumi’s Kodomo no Gourmet Manga Yoshitoshi Abe. Yes, it has been confirmed that Masayuki Kusumi’s Kodomo no Gourmet Manga Yoshitoshi Abe Gets Live-Action Special.

On Tuesday, it was announced by the TV Tokyo that soon it will be producing a live-action special adaptation of the Masayuki Kusumi’s Kodomo no Gourmet Manga Yoshitoshi Abe manga. And it is confirmed that it will be premiering on the screens on 25 October. That’s close, right? It means that the fans of the manga will not have to wait for a long for this live-action special.

Now talking about the cast of the same, Misaki Ishii will be seen playing the protagonist An Yomogino.

This live-action special will be directed by none other than Hajime Senoo and it will be scripted by Yōhei Yamazaki.

Kodomo no Gourmet

The plot of the story revolves around a fourth-grader An Yomogino. The one who loves eating food a lot and is a true foodie. As the elder sibling in a family with two working parents, she and her younger brother Kuri are home always on weekdays by themselves. She pledges to make and eat delicious yet unpredictable dishes that are completely her own, born from her anomalous imagination.

This manga was launched back in the year 2017, by Abe and Kusumi. It was published kn the app coming+. Here the series ran for almost five chapters before going on hiatus. Last year in November, it was restarted once again on the online manga service named Renta.

Both the creators of this manga series are well known for their previous works, which has a long list.

Abe is the best know for his conceptual design and character design created works on the 1998 anime named serial experiments lain. But he has done many other design-related projects which also includes some famous animes.

On the other hand, Kusumi has authored multiple mangas about topics like gourmet cooking and foods. But she is best known for her works in the solitary Gourmet.

This upcoming live-action special will be an exciting one for all the fans of anime and mangas.

Stay tuned to know more.


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