Kimi Ni Todoke Gaiden chapter will be launching in 2021!

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Kimi Ni Todoke Gaiden: A fresh chapter from Kimi ni Todoke Gaiden manga is on it’s way to the fans who were waiting for its next chapter.
Shueisha publications Bessatsu Margaret magazine’s November issue has revealed that the upcoming chapter of Kimi ni Todoke Gaiden manga will be released in 2021. Most probably it will be introduced in February’s issue of the magazine which is incredible news for its viewers.

About Karuho Shiina
Kimi Ni Todoke Gaiden: Karuho Shiina is the creator of Kimi ni Todoke. She is a famous established manga artist known for her contribution in the shojo manga which is none other than Kimi ni Todoke. The romantic manga has won her 32nd Kodansha manga award for the category of best shojo manga.
The first chapter of the shojo manga series was introduced in April 2018 then consecutively its next chapters released. The second chapter in 2018 and third, fourth, fifth in 2019, and the sixth chapter released very recently on August 11. The first book volume was shipped in September of 2019.
The original Kimi ni Todoke mange came out in 2005 in Bessatsu magazine and wrapped up in November 2017.

the storyline of the manga

Kimi Ni Todoke Gaiden: The storyline line of the shojo manga is a sweet teen love story If a young boy and girl which has gathered an immense fanbase.
Kimi ni Todoke means from me to you and is set in the city Hokkaido where a young 15-year-old Sawako Kuronuma called Sadako by her school mates because she looks strikingly similar to a character from the ring. She has been misunderstood multiple times due to her looks, people believe that she is not normal she can curse and see ghosts which are just rumors instead she is a simple, shy, loving girl who is very isolated and thus does not have friends. Soon her life changes dramatically when one of the most popular boys of high school named kazehaya starts talking to her and then ultimately they became friends. shortly she started talking to everybody, starting coming out of her shell, and began interacting with new faces. This all leads to a sweet love angle blooming in them.
The sweet shojo series have topped all the Japanese manga series which shows how much people have admired it.
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