Impossibility Defence Manga: Ending Next Year? Tap To Know

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Is Impossibility Defence manga going to end in 2021? Nowadays, this is the question that has stuck in the minds of people who are fans of manga. The manga, which has been undoubtedly victorious in winning the hearts of the masses, is turning to its end. And all followers of the Impossibility Defense are shattered over the news of the same. Hence they are flooding the social media with the questions whether the news of Impossibility Defense ending in the next year is real or not. So let’s not waste our time wondering, scroll down and see what all info is there regarding the manga Impossibility Defence and the news surfacing nowadays.

Impossibility Defence, also called Funohan, is a dark, seinen manga series, the makers of which are Arata Miyatsuki and Yuya Kanzaki. The series is a combination of sad, horror, threatening, and miserable elements. The show was launched in the year 2013 and inspired the live-action film in the year 2018.

When did Will Impossibility Defence Manga end

The manga, which has been entertaining it’s public for the last eight years, is approaching its end. The Impossibility Defence started serializing in the year 2013. But there are possibilities that it is coming to a full stop in the forthcoming year. Yes, you read it right that in 2021 the manga might come to an end.

For now, there has been no official statement on when the series is stopping to entertain us. No fixed date or month has been released. Grand Jump serialized the Impossibility Defence manga.

In August, the eleventh volume of the manga announced that with the next work, the manga would end. So, the twelfth volume of Impossibility Defense will be the last one to hit the screens.

Impossibility Defence Manga: Plot 

The story of Impossibility Defence revolves around Tadashi Usobuki, who has been gifted with the power of killing the other in extraordinary ways. By wrapping the thoughts of the people, he can kill them. He has been the central character of the manga whose attire is fixed, a black suit. The police have been continuously putting efforts to arrest Tadashi but failing as he never gets caught because of his skills. Therefore the law always fails to find the proofs against the villain. What will happen next?

Stay tuned to get regular updates.

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