“Given the movie” Anime will be streaming on Crunchyroll in 2021

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The most popular anime streaming service platform Crunchyroll has unveiled its anime 2021 lineup. Fans of anime ‘Given’ can rejoice as its sequel Given the Movie has made it to the list. The anime will take the story further.
If you are unfamiliar with the anime given here is everything you should know
Given anime is based on the manga series of the identical name. It aired from 12th July 2019 and ran till 20th September 2019. It was penned by Yuniko Ayana and Hikaru Yamaguchi has directed the anime. The anime consists of a total of 11 episodes with a beginning song titled Kizuato and ending song titled Marutsuke.
The storyline of Given contains a lot of stuff for its audiences like music, relationships, feelings and many blockbusters performances by the band named Given.

Given the movie anime
The story of Given the movie is a simple story of high school boys who are devoted to music, guitar and singing. One day Ritsuka Uenoyama get mesmerized after listening to Mafuyu Sato’s singing. Ritsuka did not wait and offered him to join his band which include Haruki Nakayama and Akihiko Kaji.
Mafuyu agrees to them and became a member of the band as a vocalist. All four have their first live performance after Mafuyu joining and the performance became a major hit, the performance brought them recognition and establishment and they named their band ‘Given’. With commercial success, their personal love lives were also changing dynamically. Ritsuka started developing feelings for Mafuyu who was also feeling the same ultimately both confessed it and started dating. On the other hand, Haruki also experiences some hidden emotions for Akihiko but Akihiko is still stranded in his past relationship with his room partner Ugetsu Murata who is a violinist. So their love story seems to be quite complicating, they face many problems and struggled a lot from the weird situations and ultimately start seeing each other. Thus the story is a complete roller coaster ride of emotions and feelings.
The sequel of the Given Anime is one of the awaited projects on Crunchyroll as people are excited to see what will happen next in the story and what major twist in the lives of popular band boys we will see in the sequel.
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