Dr Stone Chapter 166: Everything You Should Know

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Dr Stone Chapter 166, Dr Stone is another beautiful manga that has been tremendously giving hits after hits with each chapter of it releasing. The show has everything which one thinks it should have. The fans very much appreciated the story plot of the series. Therefore it has been able to stretch till now, till chapter 165. After chapter 165 of Dr Stone, there has been a curiosity among the fans for chapter 166. So here is everything that we must know about the series Dr Stone and it’s upcoming chapter 166.

So, Dr Stone is a Japanese Manga series which is written by Riichiro Inagaki. It has been airing since March 2017, with the individual chapter collected and published into seventeen volumes as of September 2020 by Shueisha.

When Will Dr.Stone Chapter 166 release? 

All those who are the enthusiasts of the popular show Dr The stone must be aware that the show always releases its chapters on a pattern. And if we go according to the way, then the show must be airing on 18 September 2020, that is on Friday.

What Is The Plot Of Dr Stone Chapter 166? 

The plot of this series is not so different. This show again has that common theme where the characters travel from one world to another world or from present to future. In this anime series, they travel from Earth shortly, that is into the year 2038. So in this anime, it has been shown that it has been 3700 years into the future and every person has been turned into a stone. But the twist here is that they are alive even now, of course, that’s a miracle. Here it has been shown that as all the humans have turned into a rock. Therefore the Earth has breathed, and nature is at its best. Nature has retaken the Earth. The Earth has been shown here full of plants and trees with animals roaming here and there freely.

Animation Of The Series Dr Stone

The animation of the series is done by the same production which has been behind the spirit of famous animes like The Fruit Basket and Megabox. It means that renowned TMS Entertainment has also animated dr Stone.

The fans have well appreciated the animations of the series Dr Stone.

Stay tuned to know more regarding the cast, plot, release date, and trailer of the various series.

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