Cross Infinite World Has Acquired The License to ‘As The Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings!’ Light Novel

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Cross Infinite World: Do you guys like reading novels? If you like and even if you don’t, you must have heard of the famous light novel called As The Villainess, I reject these happy-bad endings. Yes, that romantic light novel. The novel was one of the most appreciated and loved ones. It was famous not just because of the plot of the story of the novel but also because of the beautiful characters it had. This romantic masterpiece was quite successful in making the place in the hearts of the fans. This novel was written by none other than lota Aiue and Kiroyuki.

It has been happening for so long now that novels like this always come again in the news whenever there is some anime is being adapted on it. Well, this is something that happened also in the case of ‘As The Villainess, I reject these happy-bad endings’. Yes, the novel has made headlines because of the news that says Cross Infinite World Has Acquired The License to ‘As The Villainess, I Reject These Happy-Bad Endings!’ Light Novel.

After hearing this news there were waves of curiosity about it among the fans and they flooded the social media regarding the same. So, let’s see what has happened actually. Let’s begin!

Actually it was announced on Thursday by Cross Infinite World that it has licensed the lota Aiue and Kuroyuki’s As the villainess, I Reject These Happy Bad Endings (Watashi, Tensei Akuyaku Reijō Nanode, Meriba End wa Soshi Saseteitadakimasu!!) light novel.

Now it has decided that this romantic comedy volume will be launched in the forthcoming year on 15 February. This digital release will take place in English.

The whole scenario has described by Cross Infinite world as:

Iris has awoken as the villainess in the world of her favorite otome game. But not just ANY otome game—one with nothing but bittersweet “Happy-Bad” Endings! If the heroine hooks up with one of her problematic love interests, the rest of the world is doomed… but if she fails, it’s the villainess who will pay with her life!
Fortunately, Iris has time on her side. All she has to do is set things up so that the heroine won’t go down those routes! Be it curing a fatal disease or re-parenting her possessive twin brother, she’ll do whatever it takes to reject these Happy-Bad Endings!

On November 5, the compiled book volume will start publishing.

Stay tuned.


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