The last of Us 2- Was there a vaccine? Was there really a cure for Cordyceps?

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The Last of Us 2 has been out for two or three weeks at this point and keep in mind that the game got positive surveys from pundits, a few fans were not content with Naughty Dog’s follow up on the notorious 2013 game. In spite of holding the vivid ongoing interaction, a point by point world, and a profound account that Naughty Dog is known for, enthusiasts of the main game vigorously reprimanded the spin-off, particularly with regards to the destiny of the game’s essential characters. Note: MAJOR SPOILERS follow. 

Be that as it may, putting with or without the unexpected developments, one significant storyline in The Last of Us 2 spins around Ellie’s invulnerability and the chance of building up an immunization for the Cordyceps disease. In the principal game, it was uncovered that The Fireflies were intending to lead a medical procedure on Ellie to expel a changed type of the Cordyceps and figure out an immunization. Notwithstanding, given Joel’s intercession that prompted the passing of the specialist, the activity that should remove an immunization out of Ellie’s resistance never happened as intended. Be that as it may, if Joel never mediated, would the medical procedure be a triumph? Was there actually an immunization that could have finished the Cordyceps contamination?

The last of Us 2: It Appears That There Is A Vaccine, But There’s A Catch

During a flashback scene in The Last of Us 2, players saw Ellie come back to the medical clinic where Joel spared her from The Fireflies looking for answers. For the individuals who haven’t played or may have overlooked the occasions of the principal game, Joel and an oblivious Ellie had the option to get away from the clinic. Towards the finish of the game, Joel deceived Ellie saying that The Fireflies directed tests on her and found that her insusceptibility amounted to nothing. Despite the fact that Ellie hesitantly acknowledged Joel’s answer, clearly she was doubtful of his clarification. Back to the flashback scene in The Last of Us 2, Ellie investigated the emergency clinic where she should experience the medical procedures in order to develop an antibody. Notes spread around the clinic proposed that The Fireflies were hopeful that the medical procedure would yield victory. 

In any case, Ellie likewise found an account made by an obscure individual from The Fireflies after Joel protected Ellie and left the medical clinic. The chronicle uncovered that since Joel slaughtered the specialist that should play out the activity, there is no more expectation in building up an antibody regardless of whether they find other safe individuals, given that this specific specialist is the one in particular who realizes how to figure out an immunization out of the changed Cordyceps contamination found in Ellie’s cerebrum. Despite the fact that the game never ensured that the medical procedure would be 100% achievement, the bits of proof that Ellie found after coming back to the clinic proposes that the odds are high. In any case, the inquiry currently is, had Joel’s salvage fizzled, and The Fireflies had the option to make an antibody from Ellie’s insusceptibility, in what manner will they produce it? Furthermore, will they use it for the benefit of everyone? 

How Would The Fireflies Mass Produce The Vaccine?

One thing that the current genuine world coronavirus pandemic lets us know is that an antibody isn’t anything but difficult to make. Regardless of whether researchers had the option to make an effective strain that could deliver insusceptibility to certain individuals, it may not work for everybody, which is the reason an immunization for COVID-19 and different ailments is still non-existent. Moreover, regardless of whether The Fireflies had the option to make a working strain that would work for everybody out of Ellie’s insusceptibility, by what means will they mass produce it given the broken-down condition of the world they are living in? To effectively mass-produce the antibody, it would take a huge measure of assets and clinical gear, which is something that The Fireflies don’t have. 

Moreover, if The Fireflies had the option to mass-produce the antibody, will individuals acknowledge it? In The Last of Us 2, it has been uncovered that humankind has since been isolated into various groups, and a large portion of those groups are at war with each other. Given the fall of a brought together government, numerous individuals exploited the absence of security to set up bunches in order to dominate what is left of the world, and The Fireflies is one of them. Despite the fact that The Fireflies may mean well, who’s to state that they wouldn’t utilize the antibody as an influence to build their capacity and impact over different survivors? 

At long last, while Ellie’s invulnerability could have permitted The Fireflies to make an immunization, it doesn’t ensure that the world they are living in would come back to typical given the absence of assets and the high possibility of debasement inside the association. In spite of the fact that it hadn’t appeared in the game, it is conceivable that Joel may have likewise thought of these situations, which is the reason he would not forfeit Ellie for The Fireflies’ unreasonable aspiration.

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