Good Girls Season 3- How Did The Previous Season End [Ending Explained]

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Good Girls is a crime comedy-drama series which is created by Jenna Bans. The series premieres on NBC and has overall received mixed reviews. The Good Girls Season 3 dropped on February 16, 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of episodes was cut from 16 down to 11.

Good Girls is the story of three suburban Michigan mothers namely Beth (Christina Hendricks), Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman). They end up laundering money for a dangerous drug kingpin. They took profits for themselves to help with their crises.

Recap of Good Girls Season 3:

The season began with Beth thinking that Rio (Manny Montana) is dead. With this, they were free to either commit a crime on their terms or to exit from this life. Beth and the gang chose the former and began to make their own counterfeit money.

But with this work, comes the risk of getting caught. They were being watched by the FBI agent to lock them up. But it turned out that Rio was not dead and he killed the FBI agent.

In the finale episode of Good Girls Season 3 titled ‘Synergy’, Beth and Ruby’s marriage issues took the spotlight.

In the case of Beth, she had been working at a stationery store, which gave her access to a printing press. There she made counterfeit bills at night. However, Rio found out about this and he forces her to cut him in on the fake money. Later, Rio stole most of the furniture from Beth’s house. Whereas, Dean on the other hand was working at a place that sells hot tubs. He did a good job there. But his boss tried to sleep with him, which is when things got messy.

In the case of Ruby, she had constant clashes with Stan (Reno Wilson). Stan became a bouncer at a strip club to which Ruby struggled with more than he did. Ruby’s daughter Sara stole an expensive pen from a house where she tutors. But when Ruby confronts her, Sara says why can’t she be like how her mother is. Sara also ended up being a distraction for a nail polish heist towards the end of Good Girls Season 3.

What happened in the end?

The three women became tired in the end as Rio and his gang used and abused them. So they decide to hire a hitman to kill him. They collected the money and hired an expensive hitman who took his sweet time in knocking him off.

In the end, the three women were celebrating themselves thinking the storm had passed. But a female cop shows up and started a conversation with them about Ruby working her magic on the cop’s nails. She asked why they were celebrating and the season ended with that.

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