OA season 3- how did the previous season end? (Ending Explained) and can we expect to see some new faces?

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About OA :

The OA is an extraordinary series which was hugely loved by the people. OA is a Mystery, Drama, Science Fiction, Occult Fiction, Fantasy genre American series. The Netflix released its first season on 16th December of 2016 with 8 episodes. The second season came on 22nd March of 2019 and OA season 3 is what we are here to talk about.

Release date Season 3:

This news made the fans very sad and disappointed by Netflix’s decision. The fans have been waiting for season 3 from so long and this news made them sad. Also the first 2 seasons were kept with many questions which people thought were supposed to answer in the third season but after Netflix’s decision those questions will stay unanswered. The Pandemic situation because of the COVID-19 might be the reason for Netflix’s decision.

Cast of OA Season 3, can we expect to see some new faces?

The cast from season 2 is expected to be back in season 3 if it is happening. Also we can expect some new faces in season 3. 

Plot and storyline, how did the previous season end?

The OA series shows the story of a woman who suddenly appears after seven years of missing. After her comeback she is called O.A. So the title comes from her name O.A. that means “Original Angel”. Before she went missing she was blind and had marks on her back. Prairie is no longer blind which made everyone surprised. The season 2 of the series shows how Prairie heads in the wrong direction and finishes her San Francisco journey.

The show’s story is not complete so many people were expecting the OA season 3. But unfortunately bad news was given by Netflix itself. They revealed that the O.A series has stopped with the second series. Apart from Netflix the actress Brit Marling also posted a message related to OA season 3 where she said that it’s sad to inform that the show will end in this way and they are not able to complete the story. 

Trailer of OA Season 3:

Since there is no Production news therefore we cannot expect a trailer yet.

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