Jupiter collaborates with Sega to create Picross crossover

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Surprise announcements always take us back. It happened during the BitSummet Gaiden event that took place on June 27th. Jupiter has announced that its next game is going to be something special. The title has been given as Sega Picross S: Mega Drive & Mark III Edition.

What was surprising that the announcement was made without any fanfare. It started with a short ad which showcased recently released Picross S4 and Working Zombies. But our attention was drawn to final scene of the showcase. At this point, a pixelated version of Sonic: The Hedgehog was showed. The bottom read – “Coming Soon”.

The Sega Mega Drive

Let us start with our good old Sega Mega Drive. It came after Sega’s Mark III Console. This plunged Sega into a whole new market. The console became so popular that people thought it to be the original competitor of Nintendo. It revolutionized the gaming industry. It brought some of the most sought after titles of all times. Some of them which deserve honourable mentions are Sonic The Hedgehog, Golden Axe and Wonder Boy. The list can go on and on. But one thing is clear that Sega is no beginner when it comes to gaming.

What is the extent of the partnership?

Now, one thing which is not clear is the extent of the partnership. When it comes to such huge projects, these things are not revealed. The expectations of the fans are at an all-time high. This is also expected because of the games which have been released.

We have all seen the quality of the games made by Jupiter for the Picross. Plus, it has attracted the fans of both Picross and Sega. Therefore, the number of people hoping for something special is very high. It has been revealed that the device is currently in development. At these stages, people have to rely on leaks and insider information.

But, nothing has surfaced as of now. We have got some information that Jupiter has picked out about 59 Sega titles and will be converting those into Picross puzzles. So, we ask our fans, which Picross puzzle would interest you?

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