Assassins creed Valhalla: PureArts teases Eivor’s statue

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There is a lot of popularity over the Vikings and Norse art at this stage. It seems to be at an all-time high. Plus, the release of games such as God of War and Assassins creed Valhalla has plunged it to a new level. There is also some fan art which has used crossover methods to arrive at decent caricatures.

Now, it seems that Valhalla merchandise is also about to hit the market. This was covered by the IGN show up at Noon programme. So, let us look at the new collection of memorabilia that showed up.

About Assassins creed Valhalla

Valhalla will be the next instalment in the Assassins’ Creed franchise. It is touted to be one of the most anticipated games of this year. The game is set during the Viking era and the development team has taken efforts to make it as engaging as possible. It was revealed that the game will feature the rap battle mode. It is something that the Vikings used to practice. They used it to challenge the intellect and presence of mind.

What about those statues?

As the release of the game is approaching, the studio is also producing merchandise. The most notable of them is the new statue. This was revealed in the IGN Show of the Day hosted by IGN. The show saw the reveal of the statues made by PureArts. It also included a designed version of Eivor the protagonist in Assassins creed Valhalla. It has been confirmed that players can select a female version of Eivor. People also saw the character but it was taken down by Ubisoft.

What is PureArts? What it has to do with Assassins creed Valhalla?

PureArts is a company which produces high-quality statues from video games. This is not the first time that they have taken a game from Ubisoft. They have made statues for Watch Dogs, Dark Souls, Ghost Recon and many more.

Frankly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they reveal a statue for Watch Dogs: Legion. But since Legion is indefinitely delayed, we do not know when something shall be revealed. Anyways, this does not pose a problem for Assassins creed Valhalla. It would be a cross-generational game and we cannot be more excited to play it.

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