Cyberpunk 2077 will now feature a witcher3: wild hunt Easter egg

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Cyberpunk 2077, the forthcoming first-person RPG from CD Projekt Red is presently within the spotlight when their recent Night town Wire broadcast revealing some new info regarding the sport, similarly as a bunch of previews cropping up when the studio allowed choose media to play a active demo of the sport.

At GameSpot, 3 people were lucky enough to expertise what it’s wish to play the gap hours of Cyberpunk 2077–we’ve got a video feature that details our three totally different experiences. This allowed US to examine every of the 3 totally different introduction sequences of the sport that introduce the protagonist V, and portray V’s growing relationship together with her partner Jackie in several ways that. The 3 totally different scenes admire the three “Life Paths” that game permits you to choose: Street child, Nomad, and company.

I was the one who selected to play the company path, wherever V begins the sport as a counter-intelligence operative for the japanese firm Arasaka. V is given a traitorous order by her conniving, garbage boss (who weirdly uses the c-word doubly within the area of thirty seconds thus you recognize he’s bad), and you’re introduced the cutthroat world of company spying that helps to outline heaps of Cyberpunk 2077 fiction. It’s all terribly exciting, thus naturally, the primary issue I go away to try to to was to poke round the corners of the Arasaka workplace to seem at trashcans, selling machines, and therefore the workspaces of workers.

One of the facultative things I might do was visit V’s shared workplace. From here, you’ll be able to chat together with her colleague relating to a state of affairs with one among their field agents, sit down at V’s table, and use her laptop to scan her messages. Another issue you’ll be able to do is rummage through her table drawer in Cyberpunk 2077, wherever you’ll notice a psychological feature booster dispenser and therefore the Witcher three Easter Egg you came here to examine.

In V’s table drawer she encompasses a magazine dedicated to retro play, and therefore the cowl feature is all regarding their game of the month, which, you guessed it, is that the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Ciri, Geralt of Rivia’s defacto female offspring and therefore the secondary protagonist of untamed Hunt graces the duvet with a well-known piece of key art.

It’s a pleasant nod to the wildly widespread game (which solely grew additional fashionable the discharge of Netflix’s The Witcher) and is an honest reminder that yes–CD Projekt Red did, in fact, create a computer game before Cyberpunk 2077. Hopefully, once the sport releases at the top of this year, gamers are going to be able to notice additional Easter Eggs that inform them of another issue they compete.

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