Knives Out and James Bond – How Daniel Craig Got Screwed Out Of A Particular Box Office Title?

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The first theatrical motion pictures to bump its launch date was ‘No Time To Die’. This was done in response to the present occasion that noticed the main theatre chains closing down in the interest of public safety. This move allowed the film to be a more traditional James Bond film by opening in the franchise’s regular November release slot.

However, a recent change-up placed the film in an earlier debut slot than intended. From this one thing is clear that Daniel Craig will have to fight a little harder to become the king (or James Bond for that matter) of the Thanksgiving box office.

Upon reflecting on the new November 20 release date, it is noted that ‘No Time To Didi was leaving a Thanksgiving weekend record in the table for anyone else to claim. But if we look deeper, we can notice that a greater possibility is being passed up. If the 25th Bond movie had determined to take the ball further into the end zone, Craig’s success with ‘Knives Out’ last year could have helped in making him a fixture of that particular holiday.

The last time anyone was crowned the champion of any sort of holiday was Will Smith. In the span time between 1996 and 1997, Will Smith opened both Independence Day and Men In Black on the 4th of July weekend. Smith was known as the king of 4th July with two smash hits in back-to-back years.

If No Time To Die had stuck to it’s November 25 guns, it would have crushed the Thanksgiving weekend record with Daniel Craig’s James Bond swan song. It could have in turn given Johnson’s next Benoit Blanc film a release date to stake out before anyone else caught wise. Any of the future Daniel Craig film could have taken that spot without question.

But for some strange reason, the studio had enough crucial five days gap. The studio felt it had to close, and now ‘No Time To Die’ sits in its current release frame. There might have been some sort of behind-the-scenes calculation that made the movie a wise one.

But whatever may be there a reason, this business decision will make it harder for Daniel Craig to claim Thanksgiving weekend as his own. Unless this year’s Bond film somehow crushes it harder in its second weekend.

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