Irresistible: Why Jon Stewart Wanted Steve Carell To Make The Film Work?

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Irresistible is a political comedy film which is written and directed by Jon Stewart. The film features Steve Carell, Chris Cooper, Mackenzie Davis, Natasha Lyonne, Topher Grace, and Rose Byrne.

Jon Stewart and Steve Carell went back in time when they first worked together as comedians on ‘The Daily Show’. Eventually, they went separate ways, where Steve Carell played Michael Scott on The Office. While Jon Stewart made The Daily Show into a popular talk show. Their relationship made Jon Stewart decide that he wanted Steve Carell to make his new movie Irresistible work.

In an interview, Jon Stewart spoke about his latest movie Irresistible which he has written and directed as well. When asked whether he kept Steve Carell in mind while writing the film, to which he said – “I knew there was no one else that I could think of that could pull off a character that had to be inappropriate and unsavory while remaining lovable and interesting. He’s one of the few people that can do that.”

If actually looked upon, his statement does make sense. In the movie The 40-Year Old Virgin and the hit TV show The Office, Steve Carell presented a comedic persona of being both lovable and inappropriate at the same time. This skill had actually proved effective for his character in The Office. Jon Stewart even said that not many can pull off this and it’s a rare talent.

In Irresistible, Steve Carell plays Gary Zimmer who is a Democratic strategist. He is hoping to improve the Democratic Party standing in rural areas by helping a retired veteran in becoming mayor of a small town. The trailer of the film has already been released. By the look of it, it seems that the task will be a lot more difficult than he imagined.

After so many years, Steve Carell and Jon Stewart are working together where they’ll make fun of politics. The film has been released on June 26, 2020, by Focus Features on VOD.

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