Minecraft: How to make and use a Respawn Anchor: Short guide

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Minecraft is one of the cult classics when it comes to gaming. Minecraft always manages to add some quirky features when it comes to updates. And this time, it’s no exception.

The developers have added something called the Respawn Anchor. This has left players with intrigue as to how to make use of it. Now, the basic use of this anchor is to spawn at a specific place in Nether rather than in Overworld. People have said that it works in a similar manner as the Overworld’s bed, but it is a little hard to manage.

What is more in the Nether Update?

It is pertinent to mention that the new update has made some discernible changes to the world of Nether. Minecraft has introduced new characters such as Piglins and Hoglins, they are basically mobs. There are some new structures too such as Bastion Remnants. So, we figure that in order to better explore these features, the Respawn Anchor has been introduced.

Now, if even if you die in the Overworld, you can respawn in the Netherworld. It will replace the spawn point of the player and replace it with the bed. The feature is very unique and provides potential uses for it.

Crafting the Respawn Anchor (Minecraft)

This part of the update can be tricky. Although the Anchor gives you an advantage, crafting it can be a little hard. The only problem is getting the Crying Obsidian which is required to craft it. Crafting the Anchor requires 6 Crying obsidian and 3 glow stones. There are some basic ways to get the Crying Obsidian.

You can trade gold ingots with the Piglins and they have a chance of gifting you with the obsidian. Or, you can find them at Bastion Remnants in Nether or at the ruined nether portal in the Overworld.

After you are done with the crafting of the Anchor, place it at the location where you want to respawn in Minecraft. Now, initially, it will appear empty but you have to recharge it using the Glowstone blocks. It is capable of holding four charges at a time. So, each time you die, one charge will get depleted.

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