Pokemon: list of 10 worst kalos Pokemon

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Kalos’s regional Pokédex is the smallest of any Pokemon game. It is such a small size, you would want to call it cute. The sample size also consisted of only 72 new species. However, Many strange Pokémon made the cut, and are still pegged as spectacular failures today. Others are criminally weak and require at least twenty Rare Candies to be viable in battle.


Many Fairy-type Pokémon have questionable designs, but Klefki’s the poster-child of this phenomenon. It’s a sentient key ring, but it’s missing the Ghost-typing! The choice to give it the Steel-typing might have been influenced by making an obvious pun. As the Pokedex entry from Pokemon Sun states, Klefki likes to steal keys. Not even the Pokédex entry from Pokémon Moon can say why other than: “for some reason, it collects keys.”


Unlike its evolution, Heliolisk, Helioptile doesn’t quite get there in design. Supposedly an electric lizard, its floppy ears give it a more dog-like quality. The ability Dry Skin allows it to restore health from Water-type moves and rain, but it takes more damage from Fire-type attacks in sunny conditions. Usually, its ability is a downside since most trainers know better than to use a Water-type move on Electric-types.


Diggersby is a plump smirking bunny that uses its floppy ears to dig holes. It has a “What’s Up, Doc?” expression, but lacks any of Bug’s Bunny’s charm. Considering its Shiny version is grey, white, and pink, it was possibly even inspired by the titular character. Its default colours are brown and grey, which means the Pokémon always looks really filthy.


For the record, Goodra and Sligo are both impressive Dragon-types with interesting designs. But Goomy? Goomy is about as minimalistic as Pokemon designs get. Calling it a Dragon-type diminishes the majestic nature of other Dragon-types.


Spritzee’s design is simple enough that it works. Aromatisse’s design is so bizarre, it’s hard to determine what the designers were going for. Its list of potential inspirations includes a perfume bottle, flamenco dancer, a flamingo, and a plague doctor; however, these disparate elements don’t really come together.


Noibat is another severely underpowered pre-evolution, sharing the base stats of 245 with Togepi, Zubat, and Rookie. Even though it is most definitely a bat and nothing else, it gets to claim the Dragon-typing by default. It has an even lower ATK stat than Goomy, which is just pathetic. With this Pokemon, the name of the game is grinding. With lots of effort, Noibat will evolve into a very powerful Noivern.


Slurpuff is the meringue Pokemon, inspired by cupcakes and pastries and all things high-calorie. Ever since they were introduced, Fairy-types have been associated with candy and food, such as Galar’s Milcery and Alcremie.


Scatterbug is the weakest Pokemon of Generation VI. It is tied with Magikarp, a Pokemon that is officially referred to in the Pokedex as “pathetic and weak.” It can only learn four moves by levelling up: Tackle, String Shot, Stun Spore, and Bug Bite. It is incapable of learning moves by TM, so there is no literally any hope of improving its chances of survival—just forget about winning battles entirely.


Scatterbug isn’t the worst Pokemon in Kalos, only because its evolved form Spewpa is an even bigger letdown. Scatterbug has a base stat of 200. Spewpa should be a moderate upgrade from its scaredy-caterpillar precursor. Except for Spewpa’s base stat is 213. 213!

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