Pokemon: list of 10 most visually stunning cities and town

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Cerulean City

The home of the beloved gym leader Misty is one of the earliest and most stunning vistas in the Pokemon series. Against more modern cities, it admittedly doesn’t hold and candle. However, the commitment to an aquatic theme sets it apart from the more generic towns in Pokémon Red and Blue and even later ones in the franchise.


One of the most recent breathtaking Pokémon locations was Wyndon in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The region the city belongs to, Galar, was based on the United Kingdom. Likewise, Wyndon was based on the U.K. capital London. It has a population of 157. While that might not seem like much, that makes it one of the most populated cities within the entire Pokémon series.

It is the home of the final challenge in Sword and Shield the “Champion Cup.” It differed from past final trials in which the player has to compete in a tournament with former rivals instead of facing off against four bosses. After beating the game, players can return to the city and take on the Battle Tower, where they can fight as many battles as they can win to increase their ranking.

Lumiose City

Somewhat similar to Wyndon, Luminose City is based on the capital city of France. While parts of Wnydon can feel like a generic city, the various cafes and fashion boutiques scattered about the Luninose City make it feel truly unique. Another thing Luminose City has on Wyndon? It has a population of 416, which is more than even twice the population of Wyndon.


Is there anything more idyllic than the British countryside? Postwick, where the player’s adventure in Sword and Shield begins, is one of the most pleasant towns in the franchise. It truly evokes the pleasant feeling of a cottage in the country that’d be the perfect vacation spot.

The player’s rival, Hop, and the Galar region’s champion Leon also live here. Sword and Shield deviate from most other games in the series by making the champion a more active presence in the player’s life. The champion’s room can even be visited where the player can see his prized collection of baseball caps. Or whatever the Pokémon equivalent of baseball is within the universe. Pokéball? No, that’s taken.

Treasure Town

Treasure Town has a dramatic difference from almost every other town in the series. Its entirely occupied by Pokémon and no humans. It’s from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series where the player travels to a world where pokémon can talk and even run their own businesses.


Nestled within a Galar region forest lies the magical town of Ballonlea. While the dark overhang of the trees should keep the town in eternal darkness, the town is lit by a rainbow of bioluminescent mushrooms. While the concept of Pokemon is so outlandish, most towns within the games are fairly down to earth. So, it’s refreshing to see a town with such a fantastical theme.

Heahea City

The region of Alola is based on the real-life island paradise of Hawaii. The entire region could be counted as one of the most stunning places in the Pokemon series. The recreation feels so accurate that, if a player went to Hawaii for the first time, they’d feel right at home.


The U.K, the country the Galar region is based on, isn’t known for its deserts. In fact, when players first visit Stow-on-Side, they may think its developer GameFreak taking liberties with their source material. However, it is actually based on a real place in the United Kingdom called Dungeness. The town isn’t without its little details, either, with its streetlamps bearing a striking resemblance to the Pokemon Chandelure.

Snowbelle City

There are many snowy towns players can travel to in the Pokemon series. However, there’s none that’s quite like Snowbelle. The big difference? The music. While most towns are accompanied by a happy tune, Snowbelle City inexplicably scored by a sombre track.

For some, it may evoke a melancholic feeling that reminds them of happier times when snow meant Christmas was right around the corner. There’s no reason for a town to have such a beautifully sad theme like this, but that just makes Snowbelle City all the more special.

Rhyme City

One of the most visually stunning cities in the Pokémon franchise doesn’t even come a video game at all. Rhyme City, from the Detective Pikachu movie—which was technically based on a video game, but the movie’s version of Ryme City is fairly different—isn’t just an amazing Pokemon city, it’s one of the most beautiful and thought-out worlds in the history of fiction.

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