List of underrated Animal crossings villagers you need to know

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Ed is a smug horse villager in Animal Crossings: New Horizons. But it is worth noting that he was formerly a jock in early Animal Crossing games.

What makes him an underrated character? It is that Ed actually helps out the player in beautifying their island in New Horizons.

On a normal day, players can find Ed watering various plants and flowers. All over the island, and he can even crossbreed them to create unique hybrid colours.

Of course, his smug personality means that he is always kind and polite to the player. And combine that with doing actual work. It is a surprise why Ed isn’t the most popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager.


Bones is a lazy dog villager that has been in every single Animal Crossings game to date. Although he is a pretty recognizable villager. Many players don’t really pay that much attention to him due to his lazy personality

However, despite being lazy. Bones is actually pretty fun to be around. Given that he will always be excited to see the player.

It’s like having one’s own dog in the game. Which is why dog lovers must make it a priority to have Bones on their islands.

Typical of a lazy villager, conversations with Bones. Will always revolve around food and relaxation. It is also a good idea to befriend Bones. once the player is successful in recruiting him on the island. Given that he gives the most interesting and useful gifts.


Similar to Bones, Hornsby is a veteran Animal Crossings villager, appearing in numerous games in the franchise apart from Pocket Camp, and Wild World.

The character is a lazy rhino villager, who is described by many as a comedian, who is fond of telling knock-knock jokes.

When visiting his home in Animal Crossings, players will find him singing along to some music, and he even dusts his furniture whenever the player is around, which just makes him the perfect neighbour to have on the island.

Of course, given his lazy personality, Hornsby is mostly found at home or lazing around the island. He is friendly towards everyone but may conflict with jock villagers.


It is without a doubt that dog and cat villagers would always get the most attention in Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

However, players looking to switch things up should consider recruiting some of the less represented species in the game, such as the adorable penguins, most specifically, Sprinkle.

First appearing in Animal Crossings: New Leaf, Sprinkle is one of the funniest villagers in New Horizons.

Shortly after meeting her, players will find her stories and antics extremely entertaining, and she is also very caring towards the player.

When the player successfully upgraded their house to have a second-story, Sprinkle would immediately write the player a letter, congratulating them for their new digs, and asking them whether she can host a rooftop concert.


Merengue is a normal rhino villager who made her debut in the franchise with Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

Of course, much of Merengue’s appeal lies with her adorable character design and her light pink skin and strawberry nose.

Apart from her appearance, Merengue also has a normal personality, so players who are looking for villagers who won’t cause much trouble in the island should always consider Merengue.

She is also friendly towards the player, even at first, and would give them valuable gifts, if the player talks to her often.

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