Fortnite: Here’s How To Find And Open The Locked Chests In Spy Base

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Well, it seems that many Fortnite players are facing problems with locked chests in Spy Base. And some are having confusions with where to find them locked chests? If you’re also having the same problems, your search comes to an end here. We are here with all the details about how to find and open the locked chests in Spy Base of Fortnite.

Actually, along with the latest Fortnite 12.61 update, new challenges named Storm the Agency has also arrived. It needs you to complete the tasks before the Doomsday event.

It will also mark a third season of the battle royal shooter game. But it has been observed that many players are facing problems with the locked chests. Let us start with where you can actually find them.

For completing the challenge, first of all, you need to go to separate Storm the Agency Challenge. But the Spy Base can’t be differentiated easily as they look similar to other regular buildings on the map.

Although, tracking a spy base is easier as these are all known locations. Mentioned below are some of the chests that can be found in the Spy Base:

  • The Rig: You can find the chest on the second floor of the northwest building.
  • The Yacht: You can find the chest in the far corner of the ground floor.
  • The Grotto: You can find the chest under the stairs, alongside the phone booth.

Now that you know the locations of the chests, the challenge urges you to open one at three different spy bases.

All you need to do is disguise yourself. It can be easily done using the phone booth that is normally available in the nearby range of all chests. Moreover, you need to hurry up if you haven’t completed the challenge yet as season 2 is going to end soon.

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