Terraria 1.4 : How To Get Each And Every Whip

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Terraria New Update

Terraria’s 1.4 update includes another class of Summoner weapons called Whips to Re-Logic’s well known sandbox game. Furthermore, in reality numerous players will need to check out them. Luckily, there are a few Whips in Terraria 1.4, and they can be acquired in a wide range of ways. This will make it very simple for fans to get their own one of a kind Whips, and this guide will detail the different alternatives that zone accessible to them.

In that capacity, this is a preview of the Whips that are known at the hour of composing, and players ought to positively don’t hesitate to proceed to investigate and get a greater amount of these new weapons. With that set up, here is a rundown of the Whips in Terraria 1.4 with subtleties on how they are gotten:

Whips In Terraria 1.4

  • Leather Whip: It gives damage of 14. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 0.5. Sold by the Zoologist.
  • Snapthorn: It gives damage of 18. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 1. Created by using Iron or Lead Anvil from 12 Stingers, 3 Vines, and 3 Jungle Spores.
  • Firecracker: It gives damage of 40. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 2. Dropped from Wall of Flesh in Hardmode.
  • Cool Whip: It gives damage of 50. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 1.5. Created by using Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil from 8 Soul of Light, 8 Soul of Night and 1 Frost Core in Hardmode.

  • Durendal: It gives damage of 55. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 2. Created by using Mythril or Orichalcum Anvil from 12 Hallowed Bars in Hardmode.
  • Dull Harvest: It gives damage of 100. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 3. Dropped from Mourning Wood in Hardmode.
  • Kaleidoscope: It gives damage of 165. 30 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 4. Dropped from Empress of Light in Hardmode.
  • Morning Star: It gives damage of 180. 45 seconds to use each Time. Knockback by 11. Dropped in Hardmode Dungeon.

Additionally, Terraria’s Whips can have the equivalent prefixes as Swords, with the Legendary modifier being the best of the pack.

Another Sword included to Terraria in the Journey’s End update, and it is Zenith. While acquiring Zenith can be a significant exertion, expecting players to consolidate nine unique Swords. It sneaks up all of a sudden, and without a doubt numerous fans will lean toward it to the Whips.

Platforms Terrraria is available on:

Terraria is now available on platforms like PC, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, 3DS, and Switch.

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