Call of Duty: Activision is working on fix for Warzone and Modern Warfare Battle-pass issues

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If you have played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or the new Warzone, you know what the battle pass system. The people who are new to the game deserve an explanation, hence I will deal with the same. So, it is the rewards programme which the players get to earn over a course of the season.

This particular problem is found in the battle pass itself. The players started to notice that the battle pass does not progress even when they have completed their online matches. It does not see any update. Let us see why this is causing such a problem.

What is the need for the Call of Duty battle pass?

Imagine the battle pass as the in-game rewards system. It works across both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and the Warzone mode. So, the amount of things you get through your battle pass depends on the number of hours you dedicate to the game. It unlocks several free awards for the game and also gives you more awards for the 1000 Call of Duty points.

Several players complained about this happening that they were not able to see their earned rewards on the system. Activision later tweeted out and clarified the issue. They have said that there is no actual problem with the distribution of awards in both the Call of Duty offerings. It is just limited to the display of rewards. They have said that the players are still received all of their rewards. Plus, they had added that they are working to fix the issue.

Hence, it means that people should be worried about it as such.

The Double XP event in Call of Duty

The game just celebrated a Double XP event. It meant that players would earn double XP points on all the weapons, rank and the battle pass. So, players are supposed to earn double on their game. Hence, the furore among the people. They had started saying that they were not going receiving these dual awards. But now that the whole thing has been clarified, the players are now okay with Call of Duty.

But it is expected that this issue would be fixed quickly by the developer as it has already caused a lot of confusion.

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