PUBG Season 7: What all will it Bring? How’s the hype ?

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PUBG Season 7 is right around the corner and it it is this season that marks the return of the snow map Vikendi. The map wasn’t away for that much of a time though.

But whatever time period it was Pubg has revamped the map which includes complete transformation of few areas and minor tweaks and optimisation for the rest of it. These updates indeed confirm the return of Vikendi to Pubg.

The snow map is followed by another feature i.e. the new Survivor Pass: Cold Front. The latest survivor pass is itself themed like vikendi and also introduces a plethora of first time ever weapon skins and costumes for the snow map.

However this isnt the biggest of the things that have happened to the game, instead the major transformation of the game lies in tweaking of the existing areas of the map. The Dinopark has recieved latest cosmetic changes which is followed by the change inn the location’s name that is Dinoland now .

The worked upon area now feature a Ferris wheel and a stealthy museum under the map’s grounds. Additionally,There has been a lot of snow reduction in vikendi to ease the gameplay and vision due to the presence of large amounts of snow.

With the removal of snow from PUBG Season 7. The Game itself justified the uselessness of snowmobiles and other snow dedicated vehicles and supporting that cause PUBG has removed all the snow vehicle from the map.

Apart from removing the existing snow vehicles the spawning of the existing ones have been largely increased. The Transportation is further aided by the PUBG corp. by providing with Sufficient trains across stations spread all across the map.

Unfortunately, Vikendi is available in PUBG just yet. Patch 7.1 will arrive on April 21 for PC and April 28 for console players. But the PC Test Server is running 7.1 right now if PUBG players want to try it out.

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