Call Of Duty: Warzone- How you can use your teammate as a UAV Killstreak

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Do you have a teammate that is returning late in Call Of Duty: Warzone game? Don’t be so quick to dismiss them because they might just help you out with spotting your enemy. We mean it is fairly easy to spot anyone from the air while you deploy your parachute! Also, helps you keep that UAV Killstreak. A win-win situation.

Call Of Duty: Warzone

When you are playing Call of Duty: Warzone. Locating your enemies can very well be the difference between a trip to the Gulag. Also, for you to capture that exclusive win. But would be a great way to do this? The answer is simple, by using a UAV Killstreak!

Of course, you may not always have that option in hand. But that is what teammates are for! They can help you achieve that killstreak.

Using UAV Killstreak

The first thing that we need in order is that your guys either redeploy a dead teammate from a buy station. Or you could have one of them return from a Gulag victory.

After that, you can have them drop near your location. Give them instructions to open their parachute as soon as they are close enough to the ground. The closer they get the better chances they have of spotting the enemy.

Call Of Duty: Warzone Ping System

Now you and your teammate can easily use the enemy ping system to tell the rest of the squad where the enemies are located. The Ping system is placed extremely well from above. Believe it or not, it is also very accurate.

However, you can float above the map with your parachute for a much longer duration of time. Compared to UAV Killstreak which is bound to last. Additionally, you can see that the enemies have the ghost perk on or not. Which would normally indicate that they are hidden from your UAV.

Towards the end of a game

All of the above tactics can be very useful when you approach towards the end of the game. When you have reached the final few circles. The chances of finding a quality gun on the ground can be although, be extremely slim.

However, a teammate acting as a UAV can actually prove to be more useful than one dropping down with only a pistol to show for in their arsenal.

there have been a few legendary players that have managed to stay in the air until the final moments. Which allowed them to surprise attack the enemies with a lethal dose of assassination.

Although, do keep this in your mind that there is a reason we have called them legendary. Because this tactics is particularly very hard to pull off. All said and done it does give you a better chance at winning than dropping down and hoping you might find a gun worthy to keep you alive.

Written By – Sejal Bhatnagar 

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