10 most creative Houses in Animal Crossings new horizons

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Animal Crossings: New Horizons

if you want to get creative Animal Crossings: New horizons is the place to be. Players are sent to an island getaway where they can build their own paradise from the ground up.

Most of the players end up creating five star Island. Which we understand is a task in itself. But making the dream house is an entirely different thing. Moreover, for our impatient players that might require a bit of time travel!

The game contains countless item and themes which are available all throughout. Each of them fit just about any style of indoor design or decoration that you might have. The players who are still trying to decide what style to go for. We have bundled up some of the best top 10 creative houses in Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

The Yellow Diner

The Yellow Diner has to be one of the best housing decisions in Animal Crossings: New Horizons. And least to say colour choices do really make a huge difference in the game. It can bring any house together. When you combine yellow or black for example. It might not sound like a great idea. Until you take a walk into the Hunny Bee’s Diner!

The Retro Arcade

Many players and long time followers of the game would remember those old school arcades. That was lit up with blacklight and had those glowing floor patterns. They also had murals to bring colour to the place and enhance the experience. So, it is still re-creatable and looks very rad!

The Witchy Corner

Spooky or magical? Well, since it is not clear that magic exists or not in Animal Crossings. But that does not mean that magical designs cannot be created. There are so many gothic and old-style items that would bring about this look. But it would really be a disappointment to not have these incredible objects and unleash their full potential.

The Functional Kitchen

There are certain wallpapers and not to mention objects that have caught our eye. They seem like they do not belong anywhere. But the brick wallpaper is on another level. Thank god there are players who have the wallpaper on and are do not shy away from a good design challenge.

The Traditional Japanese

Many houses will start to turn into places that could store cool looking stuff. Players who can still make their houses look incredible despite this are truly an inspiration. A traditional Japanese house is not only elegant but calming as well.

The Fine Dining

Players can also turn their homes into something completely separate, such as a restaurant or a café. Finally, there’s a purpose for all those restaurants and dining-themed items available in the game.

The Vintage Orange

The game makes it fairly easy to choose from a wide range of unconventional styles. Whether players prefer modern and minimalist or have a passion for all things retro, there’s something for just about anyone.

The Zen Style

One of the most popular themes in terms of the island and indoor design is without a doubt the traditional Japanese look. There are so many items in the game that fit this category and just look so good.

The Delicate Kitchen

After a while, many players will start to accumulate a ton of decoration items. They might not all fit a certain theme necessarily, but there’s always a way to make things work one way or another, as shown by this clean minimalist kitchen. Animal Crossings: New Horizons is all about beauty!

The Yellow Cuteness

Thanks to the customization tool, just about any furniture can be modified to have a certain colour, look or pattern. This allows for so many more decoration options, even if the objects might seem a bit limited at some point in the game.

Written By – Sejal Bhatnagar

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