Destiny 2 Guide: Where to find out all the Escapees hiding in Strikes- Wanted Escapees Location Chart

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Destiny 2 Wanted Bounties have been presented in the Forsaken extension, requesting that players chase down and get away from detainees from the Prison of Elders. 

These include you investigating Lost Sectors, watch spaces and even Adventures so as to finish them, bringing about Legendary and Powerful Gear rewards – and even the opportunity to gather Lord of Wolves Exotic. 

How Wanted Bounties in Destiny 2 work 

Needed Bounties are Pursuits you can gather from Spider, the seller of The Tangled Shore. 

To begin with, they should be bought with Ghost Fragments; some are a solitary Fragment, while others cost a bunch. Some Wanted Bounties are additionally gated by your level, so in case you’re simply beginning playing Forsaken, you might have to play onwards before they unlock.

Each Wanted Bounty focuses you toward an escaped prisoner, who have fled over the close planetary system. Everyone will reveal to you where they are – regardless of whether it’s The Pit or Excavation Site XII. 

The areas are as per the following:

  • Shayotet Partisan Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Conflux, The Cistern (Nessus)

Cost: 1 Ghost Fragment

  • Pallas Siegebreaker Wanted Bounty location

Location: Thieves’ Landing, Tangled Shore

Cost: 1

  • Sunless Captain Wanted Bounty location

Location: Terminus East, Trostland (EDZ)

Cost: 1

  • Zerz, The Unstoppable Weight Wanted Bounty location

Location: Pathfinder’s Crash (Firebase Hades, EDZ)

Cost: 2 Ghost Fragments

  • Golmuut Wanted Bounty location

Location: Cargo Bay 3, The Rig, Titan

Cost: 2

  • Ruined Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Ahpix Conduit, The Rupture, (Io)

Cost: 2 Ghost Fragments

  • Varghul, Fragment of Oryx Wanted Bounty location

Location: Cavern of Souls, The Sludge, EDZ

Cost: 2

  • Pandrok, Pillar of Nothing Wanted Bounty location

Location: Sanctum of Bones, The Rupture (Nessus)

Cost: 3 Ghost Fragments

  • Devourer Darg Wanted Bounty location

Location: Skydock IV, Sunken Isles, EDZ

Cost: 3

  • Subterranean Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Pariah’s Refuge, Mercury

Cost: 3 Ghost Fragments

  • Irxis Partisan Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Glutch, EDZ

Cost: 4

  • Hiraks’ Familiar Wanted Bounty location

Location: Siren’s Watch, Titan

Cost: 4

  • Splendid Mind Wanted Bounty location

Location: Glade of Echoes, Nessus

Cost: 4 Ghost Fragments

  • Gravetide Summoner Wanted Bounty location

Location: The Rig, Titan

Cost: 5

Reward: Powerful Gear

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