DICE says Battlefield 5’s next update will be its last

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The last of its kind

Battlefield 5‘s current chapter will be the last one. Though, as a matter for the fact, we would get to see one more update of this bad boy. Which is due to come this summer and will expand its current offerings.

Future of Battlefield 5 

A post that popped up on the game’s official website was written by the senior producer. Ryan McArthur. Who has confirmed that DICE has no further plans to create future seasonal chapters.

In the most recently launched chapter 6. Titled Into the Jungle in February. Which supposedly expanded the Battlefield 5’s selection of battles, combatants and material inspired by World War 2’s Pacific theatre.

Although, DICE has pretty much kept their lips sealed about the new update. Which is planned for June? They did, however, give a green light as a response to a fan’s question. Which suggests that there will be new content, weapons and game tweaks.

The Studio and Battlefield 5

The studio has shared an image of a new map that we will get to see in the updates. Fans were quick to find out that it is codenamed Libya. It looks like Battlefield 5 will return to North Africa. To what seems to potentially be its last major update. We feel it might expand on the other regions of the war as well.

Origin Story

Battlefield 5 came out in November 2018. Its first year was marked by technical issues, balance problems and delayed content. However, the return of a fan favourite map Wake Island that features in Chapter 5 turned the odds in the game’s favour.

Chapter 5: War was in the Pacific last year changed a lot of things for the game but now we also that it was the start of Battlefield 5’s final act.

EA has also confirmed that a new Battlefield game is coming to the next generation consoles in some time. We can expect the duration to be in between April 2021 and March 2022. Which means that much of the Battlefield team at DICE is likely to be occupied with that project.

Written By – Sejal Bhatnagar 

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