A fan puts out Overwatch’s character in Avengers Infinty War crossover trailer

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Overwatch is a fantastic game and Avengers Infinity War is a Fabulous Movies but is Overwatch=Avengers Infinity, can’t say anything as they are not the same thing. One is a virtual game and other a fictional superhero movie. But Overwatch fans will be glad to know that some guy actually tried equating both the legends and what came out of the equation is absolutely stunning.

RobCee3 is the artist behind the art. He created a montage parody by fusing the Avengers and Overwatch characters. The montage had the audio of the avengers official trailer which was combined with the similar Looking Overwatch sequences and to our surprise both the elements actually came out to be perfectly synchronized.

Giving such innovative idea a thought requires a lot of creative brainstorming. Fusion like these require to find the key elements of both the sides that perfectly or almost perfectly match. Such a Synchronized Combination will built a masterpiece like this.

The Similarities Between the 2 mostly are. Avenger are a group of heroes with individual special abilities who are at a mission to protect the world from a big bald guy. the big guy is after the infinity stones that will let him wipe out half the population of earth .

Similarly Overwatch also Boasts of characters having special power in variety and coincidentally they are also protection the people from a big bald guy. the villain here happens to be after a golden fist which will eventually let him damage humanity and conquer the world. Watche montage here

These similarities have worked perfectly in the montage. And fans mustve really wished if they could thank RobCee3 in some possible way and even request him for another master piece possibly a parody of the Office’s intro.

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