Natalie Wood: What remains behind- The Documentary is set to Premiere on HBO on May 5

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It is truly sad when people of talent leave for their heavenly abode. Even at such a young age of 43. The late actress Natalie Wood is remembered more for her tragic death. Rather than be remembered for the work she did. She starred in various classics like west side story, rebel without a cause and Splendor in the Grass. With HBO’s efforts to premiere a documentary on the actress. That could all change. People will finally know her by her work and not for how she left us. The documentary is set to release on May 5th on HBO.

What will be the documentary show?

The series of events is directed by Laurent Bouzereau. It is produced by Wood’s daughter Natasha Gregson Wagner. Who pays her homage to the Oscar nominee’s life and work. Also, the rare interviews with Wood’s friends and colleagues are set to be apart of the documentary as well.

Featuring extra clips

It features stars including Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Elliot Gould. What’s more to add is that it will show never seen family photos, private letters and ephemera from her life. Which she led not only as a movie star but a wife, a mother and a friend. All of this will be visible in parts of the documentary.

Natalie’s character 

The role of Wood as a hostess is absolutely in full display. In particular, her annual New Year’s Eve party. Which drew stars like Gregory Peck, Jimmy Stewart. Even Fred Astaire. Who would croon Cole Ported Songs.

All of it is being recalled as a yearly reminder of her warmth and generosity. She was a good woman who not only knew how to take care of her family but also supports them in times of need.

New Year’s Eve was not only the time Wood and her family would celebrate. The Christmas Eve parties were also known to be legendary. It was as if Santa Claus always made a quick pit stop at their house.

Gregson Wagner says “I swear we heard the reindeer’s heels as they waited to patiently on your roof for Santa to join them” It truly feels like something out of a book.


Written By – Sejal Bhatnagar 

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