This New Game Gun Jam Is Chiefly A Crossover Of DOOM And DDR

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On the off chance that you have ever considered what it’d resemble if Doom met Dance Dance Revolution—and perhaps you’re out there?— at that point, GUN JAM is that contemplating become animated.

It’s a first-individual shooter where the gunplay is attached to the musicality of the music, and your shots are paced as needs be. It’s being made by a similar group behind QUBE, and it’s likely most straightforward on the off chance that you simply observe it in real life.

Indeed, even this from the get-go in progress, Gun Jam is by all accounts expert. It’s Thumper with weapons. It’s Doom Eternal performed to the beat of its soundtrack. A metronome deathmatch. After a short bother on Twitter bring about an aggregate reaction of “hellfire definitely!”, Gun Jam has made the jump from thought to genuine, exact game – with devs Jaw Drop Games stating their beat-impacting shooter not long ago.



The presents show up on have conveyed viably adequate that developers Jaw Drop Games – helped to establish by Q.U.B.E maker Dan Da Rocha – figure it’s ready to drive into full assembling, Steam posting whatnot. ‘Course, Gun Jam keeps on being in an early state. Screen captures in any case display shading tinted Unreal Engine placeholder characters charging haplessly toward the member.

There’s the territory in any case to plot its style, each in the manner in which it is by all accounts and how it sounds. In any case, as I referenced again in ScreenSatSun, although, it’s the capability of Gun Jam’s musical gunplay that I’m generally energized by – how new weapons will kick towards the soundscape, how adversaries may avoid and weave and respond to their special tunes. There’s a great deal guarantee for a right decent small shooter, directly here, and I’m siphoned to perceive what happens ensuing.

No word on a discharge date, yet the reality it went from something “we’ve been playing with” to “game with Steam page and name” in just a couple of days recommends it may be some time off.

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