Predator Hunting Grounds Trick: This Infinite Field Locker Trick will Unlock every Cosmetic item

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Field Lockers in Predator: Hunting Grounds offer players one approach to open incredible looking beauty care products for the Fireteam and Predator weapons, defensive layer, and extras. The other strategy is to spend Veritanium Fragments to purchase a thing through and through without the bet of a plunder table. After some testing, it is evident that players can get vast Field Lockers. 

We found that there is where players will acquire enough things that they will start unpacking copy things. From the outset this doesn’t yield a lot. 75 pieces here, 250 there — on the off chance that we luck out — yet inevitably the assortment of things develops to such a point, that players on normal procure a larger number of parts than the expense of the Field Lockers, permitting them to open a few, reinvest their sections, and keep continuing forever. The video beneath flaunts a little example of this, with around 200 Field Lockers opened. 

The revelation came when hoping to open all accessible Field Lockers instead of spend sections on a particular adornment. In the wake of opening around fifty, the shock was that there were currently enough pieces to buy around 35 additional Lockers, and when those were open, enough for around 50, and the number continued rising. The video above was removed around this time from interest to perceive what the outcome would be. 

Predator Hunting Grounds: As observed toward the finish of the video, we had opened a few hundred Field Lockers and had enough Veritanium Fragments to buy another 120. As the pool of beauty care products contracts with an ever-increasing number of copies, apparently this will proceed and permit players to open all beautifiers in a brief timeframe while likewise rounding up the in-game money. This might be my plan, yet it feels like something that engineer Illfonic will fix out in the blink of an eye. 

Presently, this assortment was not followed in a careful way, else it would be far simpler to accumulate discoveries and talk with more prominent conviction about where this edge lies for unbounded Field Lockers. My record is as of now level 66, and altogether before seeing this upward pattern in a net positive suction gain, I gauge having opened around 120 Field Lockers, approximately 70 granted from step up, and the rest through buying with cash. 

This implies players may hope to see comparative outcomes subsequent to opening 120 Field Lockers of their own, however again every player will be diverse depending on their karma. The fact of the matter is that there is plainly an edge to arrive at where the expense of buying a Field Locker tips into the negative numbers, and from that point, its Veritanium Fragments right to the bank! Fortunately, Veritanium Fragments are anything but difficult to obtain and players can rapidly do this all alone with standard ongoing interaction. 

Considering that, we will contact Illfonic and check whether this is filling in as expected or in the event that they intend to modify either Field Locker drop rates or how copies work.

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